The slow growing, sun-loving Brahia armata, commonly known as the Blue Hesper or Mexican Blue, is native to Baja Mexico and uniquely suited to thrive with minimal water in the dry climate of Southern California. The Hesper's prominent canopy and artic blue leaves stand out among other plants, lending a dramatic aesthetic and rustic appeal to any landscape arrangement. In maturity the B. armata sports a large diameter greyish-white trunk that is often swollen at the bottom. The yellow flowering stem, or inflorescence, extends well beyond the leaf bases adding additional flare to an already impressive canopy. The Mexican Blue makes for a dramatic focal point in any landscape and vividly contrasts against a backdrop of green trees.

Named for one of the Greek Hesperides who lived on an enchanted Island, this stunning palm is worthy of its exotic title. Overall, a very hardy palm perfect for Southern.

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    Brahea armata

    Mexican Blue Palm, Blue Hesper Palm

    Landscape Environment

    Grow Region: 8b-11

    Origin: Baja California

    Drought Tolerance: Ideal for harsh dry climates

    Cold Tolerance: 14F

    Salt Tolerance: Moderate high

    Soil: Prefers alkaline

    Light: Full sun


    Mature Height: 30-40 feet

    Trunk: corky rough rings, solitary, thick, swollen at base

    Leaf: costapalmate, segmented half way

    Leaf Petiole: 3.5-5 feet long

    Armature: teeth along the margins pointing downward

    Color: bluish green

    Flowers: long inflorescesne up to 15 feet

    Fruit: about .8 to 1 inch with brown and yellow stripes

    Human Uses: Thatch and fiber


    Subfamily: Coryphoideae

    Tribe: Corypheae

    Subtribe: Livistoninae

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