Native to Lord Howe Island in the Pacific, the Kentia is one of the worlds most popular indoor palms. This versatile palm gained popularity in Victorian era parlors and has graced the homes and gardens of palm aficionados ever since. Its singular, slender trunk and poignant arch of dark green leaves provide a lovely focal point, and its tolerance of life indoors make it a favorite in home decor. Its feather-like leaves are dark green on top and light underneath, and grow on thorn-less leaf stems that can reach up to 12 feet long in a graceful arch. Distinctively attractive, the Kentia is one of the most sought-after ornamental palm trees around.

Our Kentias in Riverside grow in shade under massive Oak trees at our home. This collection of Kentias, cultivated from seed and grown at the same location for over 15 years, is well adapted to the inland heat. However, the Kentia requires regular water and will not survive exposure in the hot summer sun or the cold winters of inland areas.

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