Native to China and southern Japan, this palm sports a broad crown with elegant leaf stalks supporting wide, robust rounded leaves with graceful, hanging leaflet tips that shimmer in the sun and whisper in a light wind. A perfectly relaxing and tropical feel for any yard, the leaf is folded at the middle with deeply divided segments (though not nearly to the extent of its L. decipiens cousin) which are relatively firm for two thirds the length of the leaf, after which they droop dramatically.

An excellent and rare find, this palm grows at a moderate to slow pace, eventually reaching a height of 25 to 30 feet, with a foot-wide trunk that is often bulbus at the base. This palm has an elegant, flowing, breezy look and is also referred to as a Fountain Palm.

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    Livistona chinensis

    Chinese Fan Palm

    Landscape Environment

    Grow Region: 8-11

    Origin: China, Japan

    Drought Tolerance: High

    Cold Tolerance: High to 10 F

    Salt Tolerance: Moderate

    Soil: Adapatable

    Light: Moderate to high


    Mature Height: 25'

    Trunk: Corky, rough rings, brown to gray with age , Solitary

    Leaf: deeply divided, heavily drooping, with many segments, 6 feet wide, 3 to 4 feet long

    Leaf Petiole: 6 feet long

    Armature: sharp teeth along lower half margins



    Fruit: 1 inch globose to ovoid

    Human Uses:


    Subfamily: Coryphoideae

    Tribe: Corypheae

    Subtribe: Livistoninae

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