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    Clear Trunk Height:

    How we measure palms

    Conditions for Growth

    As with the majority of pinnate palms, (phoenix excluded) this palm does best in warm temperate to tropical climates.

    Growth Rate and Size

    This tree does not thrive in Riverside, CA, and must be grown in areas with relative shade. Growth rate will improve closer to the coast.


    The Neodypsis decaryi trunk is solitary, with a pleonanthic flowering habit, reaching a height of 30-35 feet with a slow growth rate. The leaf bases are split, relatively persistent, 3 ranked, forming unique triangular shape around trunk and when mature and/or free of leaf bases reveal a ringed, grey leaf scars stem pattern. The leaf is 8 to 10 feet long with V shape arrangement of stiff leaves, slightly pendulous near ends, pinnate, blue-green with reduplicate leaf divisions. The petiole is short with no armature. Fruit from this species is yellow green, 1 inch around.