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    Clear Trunk Height:

    How we measure palms

    Conditions for Growth

    The Taraw fan palm will thrive in moist, heavy soil rich with organic matter most similar to the tropical climate of it native habitat. Surprisingly, we have had tremendous success with this plam in the heat of Riverside, CA. Offered partial shade protection in their formative years, this palm is said to even tolerate the Southern California deserts. Hardy to about 20-24 degrees, but as a practical matter, our grove has rarely experiences tempuratures below 29-30 degrees in the last 20 years.

    Growth Rate and Size

    The Taraw palm is said to grow at a moderate pace of a foot a year, but our experience is this palm is one our fastest growers, well exceeding a foot each year. It has a solitary trunk extending up to 60 feet tall and 1 foot wide when bare of leaf bases. It is a self-pruning specimen in maturity, making it an easy keeper and perfect to line up in rows.


    Solitary stem with a shiny red-brown color fading to gray with exposure, ringed with leaf scars, with canopy of 20-30 leaves, costapalmate, induplicate, divided midway and heavily drooping to about 30% of the segment. The leafbases will persiste when trimmed, but the tree is self-cleaning. Leaf width is about 4-5 feet in diameter at the end of a rather long 6 foot petiole that is heavily armed with shark-like teeth of various lengths along the margins. Inflorescence is about 5 feet long, heavily branched, and looks similar to a Brahea, with yellow flowers. Fruit is about 3/4 inch and glossy blue-gray.


    This plant is moderately difficult to transplant. Survival rate is moderate to high.

    Livistona saribus

    Taraw Palm

    Landscape Environment

    Grow Region: 10A-11

    Origin: Southeast Asia, Indonesia and Philippines

    Drought Tolerance: High

    Cold Tolerance: Moderate. Will survive to into low 20s.

    Salt Tolerance: Moderate

    Soil: Tolerant to most soil types. Fertilizer recommended.

    Light: Loves full sun and does well in partial shade.


    Mature Height: 60 feet

    Trunk: Ringed but smooth in appearance, dramatic red brown to pale gray with age, less than 12 inches in diameter without leaf bases , Solitary

    Leaf: Deep green leaf about 4-5 feet wide, divided about mid-way, bifid tip drooping over a third of the leaf segement length - though not to the extent of the decora variety

    Leaf Petiole: a long petiole extending over 6 feet with spectacular armature of various length

    Armature: Long, sharp teeth along margin of petiole


    Flowers: 5 feet or longer, branching with yellow flowers similar to a Brahea

    Fruit: Small, glossy blue

    Human Uses:


    Subfamily: Coryphoideae

    Tribe: Corypheae

    Subtribe: Livistoninae