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    Caudex Height:

    Conditions for Growth

    The Cycas taiwaniana cycads grown in Riverside are fast growers with a trunk rate of growth somewhat slower than the C. thouarsii but faster than the C. revoluta. Native to Taiwan (or China), this cycad is salt tolerant and cold hardy, though it is known to be less resistant to frost than the C. revoluta.

    Growth Rate and Size

    Mature specimens can reach 11-12 feet with 12-30 leaves in crown spreading out up to 10 feet. The rate of growth is relatively fast for a Cycad, clocking over an inch per year in Riverside. In addition to just being a bigger plant, their rate of trunk growth seems to be about 10-15% faster than the C revoluta.


    Deep green leaves, long, narrow leaflets, often twisted along rachis, margins flat, slighly thick with prominent mid-rib.