Sabal mexicana

Mexican Sabal

Landscape Environment

Grow Region: 8-11


Drought Tolerance: High

Cold Tolerance: 16 to 18 F

Salt Tolerance:


Light: Full sun


Mature Height: 30-50 feet

Trunk: Corky, rough rings, up to 32 inches in diameter with saxaphone base , solitary

Leaf: 80-115 leaflets with characteristic threads unraveling along the margins

Leaf Petiole: wide, 6-7 foot or longer

Armature: none, sharp petiole margins


Flowers: branched

Fruit: 14.8 millimeters, slighly flattened, round-oval and black when ripe

Human Uses:


Subfamily: Coryphoideae

Tribe: Corypheae

Subtribe: Sabalinae

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    Clear Trunk Height:

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    Conditions for Growth

    The tree excels in the loam soil of the Riverside Grove, grown in full sun with intense heat (an good irrigation) during the summer and cold nights during the winter. Cold hardy down to 15 degrees.

    Growth Rate and Size

    Moderate to fast grower at 12 inches per year.


    An attrative tree with split leaf bases on a 12-14 inch trunk that grows to 30-40 feet, with long petioles, unarmed with with sharp margins. The leaf is deeply costapalmate, folded, with long, robust green segments, bifid tips, often drooping at the ends.