Municipal, Commercial and Residential Landscapes

A Passion for Palms

We are always tinkering, experimenting, picking, planting. Every palm from Madera started with seed and was cultivated with time and patience. It’s not uncommon to see trays of soaking palm seeds lining the kitchen counters or germinating in the window sills of our home. Once the seedlings take hold, they are moved to pots and stashed away throughout our property. With time, established palms are transplanted and field grown at "The Grove", an oasis of green in a town known for its agricultural roots, Riverside, California.

Drought and Heat Tolerant Landscaping

What started as a hobby is now a robust collection of plants uniquely suited to the Southern California climate, a venerable palm and cycad forest. Whether you are a developer looking to enhance your latest project, a landscaper or tree broker hoping to find mature specimens for a discerning client, or even a homeowner seeking that exotic finishing touch to your yard, we’re glad you found us and invite you to come see what’s been going on at “The Grove” for the last 25 years.

These are just some of our favorite palms!

Trachycarpus fortunei

Chinese Windmill Palm

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Brahea armata

Mexican Blue Palm

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Actually - a L. saribus

Ribbon Fan Palm

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Sabal causiarum

Puerto Rican Hat Palm

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Jelly Palm Butia capitata, Pindo Palm, Jelly Pam, Wine palm, Brazilian Palm

Jelly Palm

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Trithrinax acanthocoma

Brazilian Needle palm

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Brahea edulis

Guadalupe Palm

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Chamaerops humilis

Mediterranean Fan Palm

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Beaucarnea Recurvata

Ponytail Palm

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Sabal riverside

Sabal Riverside

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Taraw Palm Livistona saribus, Taraw Palm

Taraw Palm

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Triangle Palms in Newport Beach, CA

Triangle Palm

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Livistona chinensis

Chinese Fan Palm

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Sabal mexicana

Sabal Mexicana

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Phoenix dactylifera

Date Palm

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Howea forsteriana

Kentia Palm

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Phoenix roebelenii

Pygmy Date Palm

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