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    Conditions for Growth

    Ponytail Palm

    Beaucarnea Recurvata

    Landscape Environment

    Grow Region: 10A-11

    Origin: South Eastern Mexico

    Drought Tolerance: High

    Cold Tolerance: 23 F

    Soil: Adaptable, prefers well drained soil

    Light: Full Sun


    Mature Height: 15-22

    Trunk: Solitary base, gray, multiple, branching vertical stems

    Leaf: Broadleaf, about 1 inch wide, 18 to 36 inches long

    Armature: Leaf has sharp margins

    Color: Light green, green

    Flowers: Cream clusters emanating from stem apex

    Human Uses: Ornamental


    Family: Asparagaceae

    Subfamily: Nolinoideae

    Ponytail Palm

    Beaucarnea Recurvata